Clean NJ Trash Chutes

Our goal is to provide you with the cleanest possible trash and linen chutes in the state of New Jersey. We work with building & property managers as well as all facility managers that need to upkeep their chutes. We will do everything is our power to ensure your chutes with last longer and work better. We will make sure that the chutes are clean enough so that the people in your structure are breathing healthier and cleaner air.

Did you know that trash chutes are a hotbed of bacteria, insects, and even a fire hazard. Especially in some of the residential and commercial buildings in some of our most popular counties like Bergen County & Middlesex County. It is more important now more than ever to hire a local New Jersey trash chute cleaning company. At least twice a year it is recommended to have a professional come in and thoroughly clean your building trash chute. In the summer heat the buildup of gunk, oil, and food can quickly deteriorate the lining and integrity of the chute, causing far more damage and repair costs down the road. In less than 1 day the cleaning crew can come in, using industrial strength chemicals and high powered hot water to get your trash chute as clean as it should be in all NJ counties including Essex, Hudson, & Monmouth County

Call the experts; Clean NJ Trash Chutes.



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